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Carmen Buchmann

Carmen of Moreganize shows you how to organize

Carmen comes by her organizing skills organically – she’s Swiss!   With deep roots in global corporate project management and international logistics, Carmen is no stranger to getting things done.  She figured out how to get equipment off an elf's shelf in Finland, and transported into the jungle-heart of Borneo. As Moreganize's downsizing and moving expert, she will have no problem getting you from A to B.     Having trained in conflict resolution, Carmen is also an excellent and sensitive listener.   As a competitive power-lifter (read: ridiculously strong) she brings  the muscle to our big jobs.   Strength, smarts and sensitivity make her an effective, efficient and considerate organizer.

Sheila Carroll

Sheila of Moreganize shows you how to organize

Sheila has moved internationally a few times and believes that you “only take it if you love it or you need it”. With this, she has happily stumbled into the joy of less. Her experience in corporate management has given her the tools and experience to organize with care and purpose.