Spark More Joy In Your Life!

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”

Do you endlessly struggle to declutter your home or office? Does the clutter get you down or cause you to lose valuable time trying to find that one thing that is always hidden way in the back? Are you planning to move or sell your house and just don’t know what to do with all your stuff? Then Moreganize is the solution for you!

We offer customized solutions for anyone seeking a healthier and happier home, or for those faced with the challenges of downsizing and moving. Moreganize offers neutral and practical support in helping you get from excess to success.

Our Services


Items are collected from throughout the home and set in one place


We work with you to help you identify which items spark joy and set aside those that do not


We show you how increase your joy by reducing your clutter

Carefully selecting the things that stay, by applying the “Spark Joy” test means they earn their place in your life and retain their specialness.

With Moreganize you’ll accomplish far more than you thought possible, we show you how to create and easily maintain an environment that indeed sparks joy.
Working with an organizer is fun and particularly valuable when you have a transition in your life such as a new home, new baby, new job, new love.
A professional organizer frees you up to focus on your immediate priorities.
Moreganize makes any size job manageable.

An organized home or office means you don’t waste time searching through clutter and you can focus on priorities.
Regardless of the size of your home your space becomes a satisfying, tranquil environment, leaving you time for the important things in life.
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The ConsultThe MoreganizeEasier on the Kids 
$200$600Case by Case pricing
The Consult is a 2 hour organization session with one organization expert who will meet with you in your home. If you are a Do it yourselfer we will advise to apply the KonMari method to your home. Alternatively The Consult can be used to sample the KonMari method prior to making a larger commitment.The Moreganize is a 5 hour organization session in your home with two organization experts. One or two Moreganizes can transform a problem into a pleasure. String several Moreganizes together to put your entire home in order and find joy everywhere you turn.This custom package, designed for people who are downsizing or considering downsizing and want to put their possessions and documents in order. We help in a variety of ways including working with out of town relatives to make the process easier for all involved.

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