Organization For Death

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Your heart has a finite number of beats. Are you prepared for the last one? If you died today, what would you be leaving behind? A heart-wrenching legacy of disarray for your loved ones to untangle? Or a fully customized, easy-to use one stop place for your loved ones to manage your final affairs? If it’s the latter, read on!

We have created a fully customizable workbook called Good to Go that will capture all the important details of your life over the course of several sessions. Together we will review and document every aspect of your life and put it into a very handy and easy to use reference book for yourself and loved ones.

Our Services


You talk, we listen. Our interview identifies and captures the needed information for your Good to Go book.


We work with you to complete unfinished aspects of estate planning and capture previously scattered personal or financial details.


We will guide you on securely storing your Good to Go book and identify whom to notify about its location and contents.

Moreganize are neutral professionals that will help you navigate all the details, big and small, routine or emotional.
We will help ensure that you are Good to Go in life and beyond.


Good to Go   
$500- $750
This package is for people wanting to get their affairs in order, we consolidate information needed to wrap up a person's life upon their passing. The Good to Go book reduces unnecessary stress for loved ones at what will be a difficult time.

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Our Promise To You

Our work takes us right into your literal and figurative underwear drawer! Jokes aside, we understand and recognize that we are working with your most personal and sensitive items and information. As such, we perform our work with the utmost respect for your belongings and your privacy. We are non-judgmental and hold ourselves to a very high standard of professional conduct. We want you to feel comfortable with us and our work. Our reputation for excellence is our pride and joy, we invest in it daily. You, our client, are our boss. We listen carefully, are sensitive to your needs and work hard to make you happy!