We love messes and want to help you with yours!

Moreganize is a professional organizing service that gets your affairs in order. Whether you need to declutter your home, garage or office, or tackle the important work of getting your estate prepared for your death, we can help! And let’s be blunt here, continuing to avoid organizing your affairs is a sure-fire strategy for ensuring that there will be long-term suffering for yourself and those you love the most. Our services are fully customizable to your pain point(s).

Organization in Life

Following the KonMari Method, we tackle your home category by category, starting first with showing you how to organize your clothes and then moving on to books, papers and other categories. For each category we help you unleash your intuition allowing you to choose just what you love or need in your home. When finished, you will be surrounded by things that spark joy for you.

Our speciality areas include:

Garages & Basements
Storage Spaces

Organization for Death

Moreganize is here to help you navigate the important job of getting your affairs in order before you pass away. We want you to hit those pearly gates knowing you’ve made life easier for those you are leaving behind.
What a great gift to give to yourself and others
– the peace of mind of being prepared.

Our speciality areas include:

Personal Affairs
Financial Papers
Online & Digital Life
Emergency Planning
Medical & End Of Life Planning

Come on get happy!

Getting organized is a great investment and will pay dividends in your own life and for those you love. Digging into the work you’ve been avoiding, making these overwhelming tasks manageable will give you a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. Let us free you up for Moreganize.

What’s important – the life you want to live, free of the burdens of clutter and after-life planning. Regardless of the size of your mess, we will help make your space a satisfying, tranquil environment, leaving you time for the important things in life.


Life changing, amazing! Training on how to turn your life from disorganized clutter to a playground in your own home that you can enjoy stress free and save yourself hours of organizing every week!

The information on how to store things, how Sheila and Carmen organized my closets and dresser drawers from left to right, by garment type, by colour from light to dark, showing me new ways to fold and store items like sports wear, sweaters, socks and shoes … even hats and handbags, was so helpful – no one would intuitively do that on their own.

Review from Marian M.

“Phenomenal! The best part was the non-judgement.

Review from Carol B.

I show everyone my garage – they love it!

Review from JoAnn S.